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Black & White Cat Names, Tuxedo Kitten Names

Choosing the perfect name for your Black and White cat or kitten

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Black and White colors have never gone out of fashion :-)

Have a new tuxedo kitten and don't know what to name it? Get inspired here!


93 names for tuxedo cats, kittens:

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A Touch Of Class   Earl  Pomp-And-Circumstance
Abe  Ebony-And-Ivory  President
Abraham  Fancy  Prince
Abraham Lincoln  Fancy Pants  Princeton
Andrew  FDR  Prom
Andrew Jackson  Formal 

Andy  Foxy 
Aristocat  Gala 
Ballroom  Genteel 
Banquet  Gentry 
Best Man  Godfather 
Blue-Blood  Governor 
Bowtie  Grand 
Cambridge  Half Moon 
Chap  Handsome 
Chaplan  Harvard 
Charlie Chaplan  High Class 
Chef  James Bond 
Chess  Jeeves 
Chess Pieces  JFK 
Chief  Kennedy  Prom Date
Class  King  Ritzy
Classy  La-Di-Da  Roosevelt
Clean  Lincoln  Salt-And-Pepper
Clean-And-Sober  MC  Silent Movie
Courtly  Mickey  Socks
Dandy  Mime Sophisticated
Dinner  Minnie Sylvester
Domino  Old Hickory Tap Dancer
Dominos  Opera To The Nines
Double  Oreo Upper Class
Dressed To Kill   Oxford Upper Crust
Dressy  Pageantry Wedding
Duds  Panda White Sox
Duke  Pengui Yale
Duke Of Earl  Poindexter Yin-And-Yang

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