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Adopted and Stray Cat and Kitten Names

Choosing the perfect name for your adopted cat or kitten

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Have a new adopted cat?
If you don't know what was the original name of your pet, choose one from our list.

116 names for adopted and stray cats:

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Able   Karma
Abraham  Kudzu
Achievement  Leftovers
Alf  Liberty
Alley  Little John

Blue Light Special 
Captain Marvel 
Clean-And-Sober  Lone Ranger
Clear  Loner
Clearance  Lucky
Columbus  Marco Polo
Content  Money's Worth
Covenant  Mork
Cowboy  Moses
Coyote  Mother Jones
Crash  Night
Dandy  Nomad
Destiny  Oliver
Don Quixote  Orphan
Easy Rider  Orphan Annie
Enigma  Precious
Eric The Red  Promise
E.T.  Providence
Explorer  Ragamuffin
Fate  Ragedy
Finders  Rags-To-Riches
Finders Keepers  Rebel
Found  Rescue
Free  Riff-Raff
Freebie  Robin Hood
Freedom  Robinson Cruisoe
G.I.  Run
Gracia  Runaway
Greystoke  St. John The Baptist
Good Karma  Second Hand
Guts  Shadow
Gutsy  Soldier
Hallelujah  Strong
Hand-Me-Down  Survivor
Happy  Tarzan
Hardy  Thanksgiving
Hero  Thank You
Heroic  Tourist
Hobo  Traveler
Home  Twist Of Fate
 Homebody Ulysseus
Homie Vagabond
Hosanna Vagrant
Huckleberry Finn Viking
Hunter Warrior
Indie Welcome
Inmate Wild Thing

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