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Small Cat Names, Small Kitten Names

Choosing the perfect name for your small cat or small kitten

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Do you have an adult, but small cat ?

Here are our extensive names list for miniature cats and micro kittens :-)


132 names for small cats and kittens:

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Abbymini   Dot  Peanut
Ace  Doughnut  Pearl
Apple  Drop  Pee Wee
Asterisk  Dunkin Doughnut  Penny
Atom  Elfin  Percent
Baby  Emerald   

Barbie  E.T. 
Bilbo Baggins  Fingerling 
Biscuit  Fraction 
Bitsy  fraXn 
Blossom  Gem 
Bon Bon  Gerkin 
Bo Peep  Gnat 
Bubble  Haiku 
Bullet  Half Pint 
Bumblebee  Hornet 
Butterbean  Imp 
Buttercup  Iris 
Button  Itsy 
Byte  Itty Bitty Kitty 
Candy  Java Bean  Pickle
Cent  Jellicle  Piccolo
Chalk  Jelly Belly  Piece
Chesspiece  Jewel  Piglet
Chiclet  Junebug  Pinky
Chigger  Junior  Pixie
Chili Pepper  Keypie  Popcorn
Chip  Ladybug  Precious
Cricket  Li'l Bit  Raisin
Cruiserweight  Lightweight  Rhode Island
Cub  Little John  Roo
Cutey  Lollipop  Ruby
Dab  Lump  Skiddle
Daffodil  M & M  Slice
Daisy  Mickey  Speck
David  Microbe  Squeak
Dew Drop  Minette  Straw
Diamond  Minny  Sweet Pea
Digit  Smally  Syllable
Dime   Minnie Tater Tot
Diminutive  Moderation Tatoo
Dinky  Molecule Teacup
Puny  Mustard Seed Teaspoon
Microbee  Niblet Temperance
 Do   Nod Ukulele
Doll  Nugget Wee
Domino  Paisley Wink
Doodlebug  Parsnip Wanky
Dorito  Particle Smurfy

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