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Scottish Dog Names

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The history of Scotland is replete with the interaction of man and dog. There are three distinct types of dogs that were developed in Scotland. These types are crop protectors, livestock protectors and hunters. Crop protectors are Terriers (Border, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont, Skye, and Scottish Terrier. Livestock protectors are helped protect the cattle and sheep that were essential to the people of Scotland. These dogs include Collies (Beareded, Border, Rough Collie (Lassie), Smooth Collie), and Shetland Sheepdog. Hunter dogs include Gordon Setter, Golden Retriever and Scottish Deerhound. Here are you can find huge collection of Scottish Dog Names and their meanings.

359 Scottish dog and puppy names:

Aberdeen - city in Scotland  Kenzie - fair 
Abhainn - river  Kerk - from the church 
Acair - anchor  Kermichil - from Michael's fortress 
Achaius - friend of a horse  Kerr - man of strength 
Adair - from the oak-tree ford  Kilt - Scottish clothing 
Adhamh - of the earth 

Ail - from the stony place 
Aila - from the strong place 
Ailbert - noble 
Ailean - handsome 
Ailein - from the green meadow 
Aillig, ail - from the stony place 
Aindreas - strong 
Ainsley - place 
Akir - anchor 
Akira - anchor 
Alastair - form of Alexander 
Alpin - blond 
Alpina - blond 
Angus - unnaturally strong 
Anice - form of Ann  Kin - from the top of the cliff 
Annabel - beautiful grace  Kinnon - fair born 
Annabella - beautiful grace  Kinny - from the top of the cliff 
Aoidh - spirited  Kirk - from the church 
Argylel - from the land of the gauls  Lach - lives by a lake 
Armstrong - strong arm  Lachlan - warring 
Artair - bear  Laddie - little boy 
Athdar - from the oak-tree ford  Lainie - serves John 
Bac, bhaic - bank  Laird - lord 
Baird  Laire - mare 
Balfour - from the pastureland  Lamont - man of law 
Balloch - from the pasture  Laochailan - warring 
Balmoral - from the majestic village  Lara - mare 
Barclay  Laren - serves lawrence 
Bean, baen - fair-skinned  Leana - serves John 
Bearnard - bear strong  Leathan - river 
Beathan - son of the right hand  Leith - river 
Beathas - wise  Leod - ugly 
Beiste - beast  Lindsay - from the island of the lime tree 
Beth - lively  Lioslaith - dwells at the gray fortress 
Bhaic - bank  Livingstone - from livingston 
Bhaltair - strong fighter  Lochinvar 
Bhraghad - from the upper part  Logan - servant of Finnian 
Biast - beast  Lundie, Lundy - from the island grove 
Birk - from a birch tree  Luthais - famous warrior 
Blair - peat moss  Mac - son of 
Bonnie - beautiful  Macadam - son of Adam 
Bonny - beautiful  Macalister - son of Alasdair 
Both - from the stone house  Macalpine - son of Alpine 
Bothan - from the stone house  Macandrew - son of Andrew 
Bradana - salmon  Macarthur - son of Arthur 
Braden - salmon  Macaulay - son of Olaf 
Braigh - from the upper part  Macauslan - son of Absalon 
Braveheart - famous movie  Macbean, macbain - son of Beathan 
Breac - speckled  Macbeth - son of Beth 
Brice - speckled  Maccallum - son of Callum 
Broc - badger  Macclennan - son of the servant of Finnian 
Brochan - broken  Maccloud - son of the ugly man 
Bruce  Maccoll - son of Coll 
Bryce - speckled  Macdhuibh - son of the black man 
Buchanan - from the cannons seat  MacDonald - son of the ruler of the world 
Cadha - from the steep place  Macdonell - son of the ruler of the world 
Cailean - virile  Macdougal - son of Dougal 
Caillen - virile  Macdubhgall - son of Dougal 
Caladh - harbor  Macduff - son of the black man 
Callum - bald dove  Macewen - son of Ewen 
Cam, Crom - crooked  Wynda - from the narrow passage 
Camden - from the winding valley  Macfarlane - son of Farlan
Cameron - crooked nose  Macfie - son of the dark of peace
Campbell - crooked mouth  Macgillivray - son of the servant of judgment
Carmichael - friend of Saint Michael  Macgowan - son of the smith
Carr - from the broken, mossy ground  Macgregor - son of a shepherd
Cathair - from the broken, mossy ground  Machair - plain
Ceard - smith  Machar - plain
Ceardach - smith  Macinnes - son of the unique choice
Chalmer - rules the home  Macintosh - son of the thane
Chalmers - rules the home  Macintyre - son of the carpenter
Chattan - clan of the cats  Maciver - son of an archer
Chisholm  Mack - son of
Christie - christian  Mackay - son of fire
Christy - christian  Mackendrick - son of Henry
Clach - stone  Mackenzie - son of the fair man
Cleit - rocky eminence  Mackinley - son of Kinley
Clennan - servant of Finnian  Mackinnon - son of the fair born
Coira - seething pool  Mackintosh - son of the thane
Colin - victory of the people  Maclachlan - son of Lachlan
Colin - virile  Maclaine, Maclean - son of the servant of John
Comyn - from Comines  Maclaren - son of Laren
Connery - in honor of the famous Scot, Sean Connery  Macleod - son of the ugly man
Cora - seething pool  Macmillan - son of the bald man
Corey - seething pool  Macnab - son of the abbot
Cory - seething pool  Macnaughton - son of the pure one
Craig - dwells at the crag  Macneill - son of the champion
Crannog - lake dweller  Macniall - son of the champion
Creighton - from the farm by the creek  Macnicol - son of the conquering people
Cromwell - from the crooked well  Macpherson - son of the parson
Culloden - from the nook of the marsh  Macquarrie - son of the proud man
Cumin - from Comines  Macqueen - son of the good man
Cumming - from Comines  Macrae - son of grace
Cunningham - from Cunningham  Macray - son of grace
Dacey - from the south  Mactavish - form of Thomas, twin
Dallas - from the waterfall  Maggie - form of Margartet
Dalziel - from the little field  Mairi - bitter
Dalyell - from the little field  Maisie - form of Margartet
Darach - oak  Malcolm - follower of Saint Columba
Dearg - red  Maolmuire - dark-skinned
Domhnull - all-ruler  Marcail - pearl
Donel - all-ruler  Matheson - bear son
Donell - all-ruler  Maxwell
Doug - from the dark water  Moibeal - lovable
Dougal - black stranger  Moire - bitter
Doughall - black stranger  Moireach - lady
Douglas - from the dark water  Moncreiffe - from the hill of the sacred bough
Dour - from the water  Montgomery
Drummand - at the ridge  Morag - Gaelic for Mary
Drummond - at the ridge  Morogh - man of the sea
Duff - black  Morrison - son of the servant of Mary
Duncan - brown warrior  Muir - from the moor
Dunmore - from the great hill fortress  Muirfinn - dwells near the beautiful sea
Eara - from the east  Munro - man from ro
Earie - from the east  Munroe - man from ro
Edeen - from Edinburgh  Murdoc - protector of the sea
Edina - from Edinburgh  Murdock - protector of the sea
Edine - from Edinburgh  Murray - man of the sea
Eilig - from the deer pass  Nab - abbot
Eiric - ruler  Nachto - pure
Eirica - ruler  Nairna - dwells at the alder-tree river
Erskine - from the top of the cliff  Nairne - dwells at the alder-tree river
Evan, Van - right-handed  Naughton - pure
Farlan - son of the furrows  Nealcail - victorious people
Farlane - son of the furrows  Ness - from the headland
Farquharson - son of the dear one  Niall - champion
Feandan - from the narrow glen  Nighean - young woman
Fearchar - dear one  Nighinn - young woman
Fearchara - dear one  Norval - from the north valley
Fenella - form of Finola  Ogilvie - from the high peak
Fergus - first choice  Oidhche - night
Ferguson - son of the first choice  Oliphant - great strength
Fergusson - son of the first choice  Padruig - royal
Fie - dark of peace  Parlan - farmer
Fingal Scottish giant  Payton - royal
Firth - arm of the sea  Peyton - royal
Fletcher - maker of arrows  Pherson - parson
Forbes - headstrong  Quarrie - proud
Fraser - strawberry flowers  Quarry - proud
Fyfe - from Fifeshire  Rae - grace
Gair - short  Ramsey - from Ramsey
Gare - short  Raoghnailt - lamb
Gavin - white hawk  Ray - grace
Gawain - white hawk  Robena - robin
Ghillie dhu - type of Scottish knife  Robertson - son of Robert
Gilbarta - pledge  Robina - robin
Gilleasbuig - bold  Robroy Macgregor - Scottish hero
Gillecriosd - Christ-bearer  Ronald - mighty, powerful
Gillivray - servant of judgment  Rose - flower
Goraidh - peaceful  Ross - from the peninsula
Gordain - hero  Roy - red
Gordan - hero  Sandy - defender of man
Gow - a smith  Scot - wanderer
Gowan - a smith  Scott - wanderer
Graham - from the gray home  Scotty - wanderer
Grant - great  Scrymgeour - fighter
Greerform of Gregory  Shaw - terse
Gregor - vigilant  Shawe - terse
Gunn - white  Sheigra - Scottish village
Hamilton - from Hameldone  Sheiling - from the summer pasture
Hamish   Sileas - youthful
Harailt - leader  Sima - listener
Hay - from the stockade  Sinclair - from Saint-Clair-Sur-Elle
Haye - from the stockade  Siubhan - praised
Henderson - son of Henry  Siusan - lily
Henson - son of Henry  Skaliwagg - name for lovable oaf
Home, Hume - from the cave  Skean dhu - name of Scottish dagger
Houston - from Hughs Town  Skene - from Skene
Hume - from the cave  Struan - stream
Ian - god is gracious  Sutherland - from Sutherland
Inghea - daughter  Tara - mythical hill
Innis - Gaelic for island  Tavis - twin
Irvin - from the city  Tavish - twin
Irving - from the city  Tearlach - strong
Iseabal - form of Joan  Tira - land
Isobel - form of Joan  Todd - fox
Iver - archer  Torra - from the castle
Johnson - son of John  Tyra - land
Kayi - fire  Urquhart - from the fount on the knoll
Keith - from the battleground  Vika - from the creek
Kennedy - ugly head  Wallace - Welsh

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