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Russian Dog Names, Russian Puppy Names

Choosing the perfect name for your Russian dog or puppy

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Use our guide, if you plan to choose a Russian name for your new dog. Your dog's breed might be of Russian origin - or there might be thousands other reasons why would like to choose a Russian name for your dog.

Famous Russian dog breeds are the Siberian Husky, Hunting Laika and the Russian Borzoi. We have collected perfect Russian names for your dog or little puppy.

53 Russian dog names:

Anastasia - famous Russian princess  Female  Sacha - helper and defender of mankind  Male
Annick - Gracious  Female  Sasha - form of Alexander  Male
Arkadiy - Bold  Male  Sashenka - defender and helper of mankind  Female
Babushka - grandmother  Female  Sezja - protector  Male
Baikal - lake in Siberia  Male  Sonia - wisdom  Female
Bohdana - from god  Male 

Bolshoi - Russian ballet  Female 
Boris - fight, battler  Male 
Cyzarine - royalty  Male 
Elbrus - mountain in southwestern Russia  Male 
Fayina - free one  Female 
Fjodor  Male 
Galina - light  Female 
Gasha - good  Female 
Gavrie - man of God  Male 
Ilya - From Elijah  Male 
Irina  Female 
Ivan - God is gracious  Male 
Jelena - shining light  Female 
Karelia - republic of Russia  Female  Stasia - resurrection  Female
Kiev - capital of the Ukraine  Male  Svetlana - star  Female
Kisa - kitty  Female  Tanya - fairy princess  Female
Kiska - pure  Female  Troika - group of three  Male
Kremlin - former seat of government  Male  Vadim  Male
Ladoga - Russian lake  Male  Vania - God's gift  Female
Larissa - name of a city, mythical woman; cheerful one  Female  Vanya - gracious gift of God  Female
Marina - sea maiden  Female  Vassily - great protector  Male
Nastassia - birthday  Female Vladilen  Male
Nathasa  Female Volga - Russian river  Male
Nika - born on Sunday  Female Yakov - the supplanter, held by the heel  Male
Oksana - glory be to God  Female Yerik - appointed by God  Male
Olga - holy  Female Yeva - live-giving  Female
Raisa - rose  Female Zasha - people's defender  Female
Rasputin - Russian mystic  Male Zilya - harvester  Male

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