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Husky names, Siberian husky names, Alaskan husky names

Collection of sled dog names. List of names for alaskan and siberian husky puppies.

Find the perfect for your sled dog. Collection of names for a fluffy, siberian, Mackenzie river, sakhalin or alaskan husky dogs.


siberian husky names

44 visitor submitted Husky names:

  • Alaska
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    Submitted by: HENI at 17.11.2016

  • Alasuq
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    It is the name of an Alaskan girl I Helge Ingstad's account of the way peole lived in Alaska/Canada in the 1920ies.
    Submitted by: vjo at 14.05.2016

  • Andrej
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    Submitted by: HENI at 17.11.2015

  • Aneko
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    Just a beautiful name in my opinion.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 19.10.2007

  • Ari
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    Submitted by: LAUZ at 29.09.2007

  • Asha
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    Because of her ashen coloured coat when we first got her.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 04.11.2007

  • Balto
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    From the true story of balto the wolf sled dog
    Submitted by: shelby at 02.08.2007

  • Bear
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    Because my dog is a Siberian Husky and he's very big like a bear, and when we play tug-o-war he sounds like one too ;)
    Submitted by: Dairren at 07.05.2007

    Category/Gender: Female sled Dog names

    Submitted by: HENI at 17.11.2007

  • Chinook
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    Because it is ace and is such a cute name
    Submitted by: pippie-doodle at 27.07.2007

  • Dakota
    Category/Gender: Unisex Dog names

    I think it just sounds cool! And it really fits a Husky I think, or any animal!
    Submitted by: Zimri at 24.08.2007

  • Dakota
    Category/Gender: Male sled Dog names

    I like it
    Submitted by: Fang at 16.10.2007

  • Fonzie
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    My dogs named Fonzie beacuse his a black and white husky and he reminds me of fonzie from happy days.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 16.05.2007

  • Hali
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    I love this name. I find this really suits a siberian Husky dog. No reason inpeticualarly but i just fancy it.
    Submitted by: prettypickins at 03.06.2007

  • Hera
    Category/Gender: Female sled Dog names

    Greek Queen "Protector of Marriage" Wife of Zeus. I choose this name as I knew she was going to be stubborn, regal and intelligent. And let us not forget just how beautiful they are; especially sinc emine is a red and white with blue eyes :)
    Submitted by: Sherri at 24.10.2007

  • Huskavahar
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    Because it means beautiful in indian.
    Submitted by: Roschar at 13.05.2007

  • IGOR
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    Submitted by: HENI at 17.11.2007

  • Jenna
    Category/Gender: Female sled Dog names

    Its the name of baltos girlfriend (balto and jenna)
    Submitted by: shelby at 30.09.2007

  • Keesha
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    Because it is the name if one of the most beautiful, loving, affectionate huskies I have ever met.
    Submitted by: Alex at 26.12.2007

  • Keiko
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    It's after Keiko the orca whale from the Free Willy movies, but I love the name for an Alaskan Malamute because they're black and white just like orca whales. I think it's the perfect name for an alaskan malamute or any husky black/white dog! It means "Lucky One" in Japanese.
    Submitted by: Kathryn at 27.10.2007

  • klondike
    Category/Gender: Male sled sled Dog names

    i dont know. i just like it i guess! lol
    Submitted by: emzii at 16.09.2007

  • Kodi (Cody)
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    My siberian husky is very energetic. She loves playing and enjoys lap resting too! She is nearly 2 years and 100 pounds but she thinks that she is 30 pounds!!!! I had a hard time naming her but I was at a nice resturaunt with my husband and the waitresse's name was Kodi. I loved the name.... The rest is history
    Submitted by: Husky lover-Kodi at 03.11.2007

  • Kodiak, Kodah
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    Kodah works great for this Husky!!! Kodiak is the name of some alaskan Islands, so it totally works.
    Submitted by: gipper at 07.09.2007

  • Luna
    Category/Gender: Female sled Dog names

    Cute name
    Submitted by: huskylover at 29.09.2007

  • Makita Or Shazera
    Category/Gender: Female sled Dog names

    My siberian husky pups are named this. thier nick names are KitaKat and ZerZer. Unique names are also my fancy and my pups are also unique =o)
    Submitted by: Kesare at 15.09.2007

  • Maya
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    I just think its a really pretty name for a husky! Also, one of the dogs in Eight Below is named Maya.
    Submitted by: puppyluvr at 06.10.2007

  • Mishca
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    This is my huskys name its snappy an cute.
    Submitted by: nikki at 02.11.2007

  • Misty
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    This is a great name especcially if they have blue eyes
    Submitted by: Jess at 22.09.2007

  • Nikita
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    Since the huskies are sibarians I think a russian name is really fits, plus this name is easy and short to say.
    Submitted by: heni at 17.11.2007

  • Okami
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    If you have a spitz, especially a husky or malamute, then the Japanese name for wolf would be fitting as well as fairly uncommon. Pronounced Oh-Kah-Mee
    Submitted by: Eileen at 19.10.2007

  • Ravna
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    Ravna (after a sami person). When Norwegian Arctic Explorer Fridiof Nansen skied across Greenland before 1900, he brought with him two Sami people, one named Balto and one named Ravna. Balto was used a lot as a dog name after that, by Leonard Seppala introducing it to the dog world; while ravna did not feature.
    Submitted by: johanne at 14.05.2007

  • Rose
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    Its a beautiful name for a cinnamon colored husky + its a name from titanic!
    Submitted by: Ashley at 22.10.2007

  • Sabaka
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    This was my Siberian huskys name. It means dog in Russian.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 27.09.2007

  • Shadow
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    I recomend it to black and gray huskies perticually because they kinda look like shadows and it's just a really cute name.
    Submitted by: dogllover2000 at 13.10.2007

  • Sheba
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    the ruler
    Submitted by: sheeby at 08.10.2007

  • Smokey
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    Becase she is Black and White.
    Submitted by: tadar tot at 06.11.2007

  • Snowball
    Category/Gender: Unisex Dog names

    When my siberian Husky comes in from outside in the winter, he looks like a fluffy snowball
    Submitted by: Honey at 22.09.2007

  • Suka Natika
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    She is called Suka (Inuit Eskimo for fast) with a second name of Natika, Russian for Christmas Child, since she was a family gift during the Christmas holidays. So she is our Fast Christmas Child.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 09.10.2007

  • Tiquana Yakone Tupit
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    We sometimes call him Tiki... Tiquana (Inuit Eskimo for adopted son), Yakone (ya ko nay ... Inuit Eskimo for Red Aurora), and Tupit (Inuit for tattoo lines on face). He is red and white with a definitive red mask and a wonder to have with us.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 09.10.2007

  • Tundra
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    It is a name that suits many animals but in particular huskys i would highly reacomend it.
    Submitted by: husky lover at 08.09.2007

  • Winter
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    She LOVES winter and is a snowbaby!
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 08.11.2007

  • Yukon
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    I always thought it was an awesome name for a husky.
    Submitted by: luv_my_goldens at 02.08.2007

  • Zima
    Category/Gender: Male sled Dog names

    Its my eskimo dogs name and he loves it!
    Submitted by: Mucka at 04.09.2007

  • Zoey
    Category/Gender: Female sled Dog names

    Its very cute and not many poeple name there DOGS Zoey
    Submitted by: LoveZoey at 01.10.2007

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