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   Rottweiler is a german breed of dog having a short black fur, stocky body, and tan face markings. Here are some good names for Rotties.


   50 Rottweiler names:

  • Ace
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    I think it is a really cool name for a Rottie.
    Submitted by: Sam at 20.06.2007

  • Aiza
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    This name make respect.
    Submitted by: svetan at 26.08.2008

  • Akira
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    We have just lost our wonderful, perfect rottweiler of just short of 11 years old, whom we loved more than ANYTHING. We named her Akira as we loved the sound of the name. It's such a stong name to me. It sounds strong when you say it (even though she thought she was a lap dog and was so gentle and sweet). I would reccommend this name highly! With any luck, you too will have your perfect "Akira". May you all have many wonderful,healthy, happy, loving, memorable years with your dog! I'd love to hear if anyone picks this name, so I know someone else will be keeping her name alive in the rottweiler world! You'd be naming your dog after a "perfect" rottweiler... promise.
    Submitted by: Akiras mommy at 03.08.2008

  • Asher
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I always wanted her to have a different name she was never going to be Sasher cause she's to wicked for that. She is a rottie.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 15.05.2007

  • Bentley
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    It's a strong male name
    Submitted by: Kenna at 07.10.2007

  • Blue
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I have a Rottweiler and he has one blue eye and one brown eye so there ya go!
    Submitted by: Hollister at 28.04.2007

  • Bronson
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    My friend had a Rottweiler named Bronson and he was cool.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 29.09.2007

  • Brutus
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    This is just a great name for a Rottie and i named my little guy this, it sounds strong and suits the breed very well.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 05.09.2007

  • Buster
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I dunno why he was named this b.c I just got him from someone a week ago. But I thought it was a cool name and wanted to list it on here! He is a Doberman/Rottweiler.
    Submitted by: Hollister at 28.04.2007

  • Butler
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    We figured he would be the one greeting people at the door just as a butler does, the name was powerful and perfect.
    Submitted by: Nikita at 30.11.2007

  • Caesar
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Strong and loyal
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 07.10.2007

  • Chaose
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    I have a 4 and half old rotty that lives up to his name...
    Submitted by: bluntm1 at 13.01.2008

  • cholla(prononced choya)
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Prononced: Choya. Because i used to have the best rottie named cholla, everything went perfect i sometimes got angry with him but he always knew that i would give in because he was such a fun and adorable pup.
    Submitted by: sami at 05.05.2008

  • dave
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    just think it suited my rotti an its different
    Submitted by: davey at 16.06.2008

  • Geulah
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    It's a character in a Phish song. The lyrics talk about expanding exponentially which is what my puppy is doing.
    Submitted by: vwinters18 at 19.03.2008

  • Gillette
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    As dangerous as a razor!
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 16.05.2007

  • Inca
    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    My rotti well one of them is called Inca. Im not sure why but she knows it now and i think its cool :)
    Submitted by: lauren at 27.02.2008

  • Jyve
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Because i named my rottie Jyve and it suites him very much ... by the way don't steal it i just wanted to brag about how cool his name is! :)
    Submitted by: dom at 20.02.2008

  • Kayla
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    My 5 week old rotti is named Kayla and I just bought another 13 week old rotti tonight and having a hard time naming her.
    Submitted by: Mercedes at 26.10.2007

  • Lucifer
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    It sounds evil even if you don't know who the original Lucifer is...
    Submitted by: Lou at 17.03.2008

  • Magnus
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Magnus Von Magnuson won the World strong man competition 5 years in a row. What a great name for a strong Dog. Our Rotti Magnus passed away in December, He will be missed.
    Submitted by: Stephanie at 06.03.2008

  • Mala
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Thats on croatian and it means "little girl"... she was so cute when she was a little doggy. And it is funny when she grouth up ...
    Submitted by: Frenki at 04.08.2008

  • Millie
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I have a 9 week old rottweiler! as soon as i saw her i knew exactly what i was goin to call her, millie in my opinion is an adorable name.....and matches her beautiful little face...i love her to is going a bit slow but were getting there! x
    Submitted by: xx-pinklace-xx at 19.02.2008

  • Mimi
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    That's my dog's name
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 06.10.2007

  • Montana
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    We have a 7 month old Rottie. My dad's favorite place was Montana and we got our Rottie one month after he passed so it seemed like a no-brainer
    Submitted by: Lovemydogs at 04.10.2007

  • Muchi
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    I had an imaginary Rottweiler when I was a child and this was its name. It sounds pretty tough and Rotties look tough too. So it's a good name.
    Submitted by: Puppydog-obsessed at 04.05.2007

  • Natasha
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    My rottie had passed after 12 years and was a lovable & loyal dog.
    Submitted by: tasha at 02.09.2007

  • Nevaeh
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I named my rottie this its heaven backwards
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 28.08.2007

  • Predator
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    This was my first Rottie. Sounded mean and tough, my husband named him. He died when he was 9 years old. Great dog, I miss him terribly. I wanted to name him Amadeus!
    Submitted by: syp0871 at 05.06.2007

  • Prince
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Because my rottweiler puppy is called Prince and its a cool name
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 05.10.2007

  • Raja
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    She is our princess. A Rajah, translated means a King. Used as a name by Hindus and Sikhs.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 10.09.2007

  • Reffa
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Coz she looks like a reffa
    Submitted by: smooch at 01.02.2008

  • Reggie White Bear
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    This name stands for big gental giant all football fans know who reggie white is.
    Submitted by: regie at 25.06.2008

  • Rhani
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Strong but pretty
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 07.10.2007

  • Rocky
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Stronge and Brave!
    Submitted by: Kieran at 25.10.2007

  • Sasha
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I used to have a Rottweiler that I got from my uncle and her name was Sasha, she used to think she was a lap dog. She was sent to the pound by the person who was watching her for us (my mom, brother, and I) because something popped on her butt.
    Submitted by: BabyGurl at 28.07.2007

  • Snoop Dogg
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Cus hes gangsta! - He watches the crib
    Submitted by: snoop,biggs at 20.03.2008

  • Snow
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    My other half named our puppy this as her pedigree name is Duchess Snowdrop, and also you wouldn't miss a fully grown rotti in the snow would ya now!!! lol
    Submitted by: karen at 21.11.2007

  • Storm
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    My dog is called storm hes 18mths old, powerful and stunning to watch and storm suits a powerful dog.
    Submitted by: ems2905 at 12.09.2007

  • Stormy
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Stormy or Storm for short is a strong name. I had to put my Rotti down this year due to cancer.
    Submitted by: Sheri at 15.03.2008

  • Stryker
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Stryker to us seemed to be a tough name for our little boy.
    Submitted by: little man at 05.06.2008

  • Tara
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Like Terror...
    Submitted by: Katgrace at 07.04.2008

  • Teila
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Submitted by: JONESY at 25.11.2007

  • Tia
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    My 18 month baby is called Tia, and she just brought a few tears 2 my eyes 4 weeks ago (20/5/08) when she dropped out 7 little dwarfs rotties, maybe 6 that have survived will be kings of the world. Up the rotweillers. Best dogs in world.
    Submitted by: damo at 24.06.2008

  • Tihanna
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    It is different and I get compliments on it daily - it's my rotti's name!!!
    Submitted by: canadian_rotti_luv at 09.09.2008

  • Worf
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Had the personality to match. Could kick butt in a fight - but had a soft side. Best darn dog in the world... he passed 2 years ago.
    Submitted by: Viffer at 27.02.2008

  • Wyatt
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Used to have a Rot named Wyatt.
    Submitted by: ilovelabs at 23.03.2008

  • Zada
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I don't know where it came from, but i think it means lucky one.
    Submitted by: wisper at 12.08.2008

  • Zahndhi
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    its catchy and short and easy for pup to learn and means beautiful
    Submitted by: kelly at 19.07.2007

  • Zeke
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Zeke (from Ezekiel) can be a tough name or a regular one, depending on the dog. I just like it. :)
    Submitted by: Lou at 17.03.2008

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