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   80 Beautiful names:

  • Adena
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    Adena is SO beautiful. (I Love "A" names).
    Submitted by: NutMeag at 27.10.2007

  • Alaska
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    I really love this name, it is truelly something special. Also I read a book with a person with that name, and I just like it right away ^^
    Submitted by: Jana or Wierd_Wonder at 20.09.2008

  • Alyssa
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    The Greek name Alyssa means - rational. Very pretty name.
    Submitted by: Kelli at 29.07.2007

  • Anastasia
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I think Anastasia (Anya) is a beautiful name for a husky. It's Russian too! It sounds so exotic.
    Submitted by: kdl96 at 14.03.2008

  • Angel
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    It is sooo cute for a sweet pet.
    Submitted by: Maddi at 12.10.2007

  • Ayla
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Ayla is pronounced A-LAH, it is so classy and is sure to make an impression.
    Submitted by: NutMeag at 28.10.2007

  • Beatress
    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    Submitted by: Elsa at 20.10.2007

  • Bella
    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    It sounds like a ballerina name.
    Submitted by: bumblebee at 29.04.2007

  • Bella Rosa
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I love this name. Bella: Italiano for BEAUTIFUL. I am getting another dashchund soon for Christmas, a girl, and she shall be named Bella Rosa.
    Submitted by: katie at 05.11.2007

  • Benny
    Category: Pet - Gender: Male

    I love this name its soo cute! (also cause its off of "Dora the Explor" YAY GO DORA I love that name its also cool! (like me hehe)
    Submitted by: hdueb at 26.10.2007

  • Blossom Boots
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Well I'am 11 and when I grow up I want to be a vet and I suggest this because it was my cats name. I lost it by a disease and knowing alot about cats. There was nothing i knew to do but let it fly to heaven. I suggest it for anyone with a cat with different color paws then it body then it would be great. My cat was orange with white paws but you could use it with any cat i guess.
    Submitted by: sassy princess at 24.11.2007

  • Bubbles
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    It is really beautiful for a bubberly and a quick learning girl dog
    Submitted by: Charrisha Adams at 08.02.2008

  • Carly
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Its just pretty
    Submitted by: huskylover at 01.10.2007

  • Carnation
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    It means beauty and pride.
    Submitted by: Lee at 01.05.2008

  • Celine / Selina
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    It is very beautiful and I hope you like it. It's a really great name for a really great dog!
    Submitted by: Lovely-pup at 05.05.2007

  • Chance
    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    I Think This Name Is Beautifull For A Border Collie !!
    Submitted by: Jiddy at 04.05.2008

  • Chauncey
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    The name of my very first Hamster, but it sounds like a very classy name for a dog.
    Submitted by: Raea at 27.05.2007

  • Chloe
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    I think it is a beautiful name
    Submitted by: chow at 06.10.2007

  • Chloe-Taryn
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    I think this is a beautiful unusual name and it fits any female cat perfectly!
    Submitted by: Jakki at 15.07.2008

  • Cupcake
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    i think this name is a sweet and cute name and i think it would describe a precious cat.
    Submitted by: liz at 18.04.2007

  • Daisy
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    I think its cute um some names like jamaica not god.
    Submitted by: tia maria at 07.11.2007

  • Daniel
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Because it sounds good on a person or a dog
    Submitted by: dusia at 24.09.2007

  • Delilah
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    It's a retro/classy/chic name for a sophisticated looking cat. I just got a Birman and i named her Delilah... It fits her perfectly.
    Submitted by: Billie at 27.11.2007

  • Empress
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Because its my name... and its really cute...
    Submitted by: Empress at 27.09.2007

  • Faith
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Becase beautiful.
    Submitted by: jessie at 16.04.2007

  • Fajapani
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Well what a beautiful thought awaking to this name and sense every morn.
    Submitted by: katzz3 at 30.11.2007

  • Fate
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    She was born on my mans b-day so it was fate that we got her.
    Submitted by: 209er at 29.05.2008

  • Fettacini
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Fettacini is my beautiful female cats name, and her nickname is Fetta. I thought I should share her beautiful name with the world.
    Submitted by: me! at 10.11.2007

  • Fi-Fi
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Submitted by: FI-FI at 26.12.2007

  • Flight
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    It is a character for a book I am writing. Flight is a beautiful name because of the way it sounds. I recommend this name because it would be a great example for a girl. It's just such an adorable name!!!
    Submitted by: LINABEANA at 30.04.2008

  • Franchesca
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    My old dog franchesca was a beautiful alaskin malamut mixed with siberian husky she had a bad case of hip displasia it was at the point she could not even move. every time i think about it i cry.
    Submitted by: hottie at 25.07.2007

  • Ginger, Ginger-snap!
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    because if you have like a tan dog you can just call her/him ginger or you call cam her/him Ginger Snap!
    Submitted by: Hugs at 05.08.2007

  • Gloria
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    My percian-Himallayan cat has this speciall name. She's as Glory as her name. Gloria!!
    Submitted by: nandia05 at 23.08.2007

  • Hope
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Because hope is the nice names.
    Submitted by: jessie at 16.04.2007

  • Hurcules
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    It is a beautiful name and it makes you happy when you say it!!!
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 09.05.2007

  • Ike
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    it is awesome!
    Submitted by: Dave at 22.06.2008

  • Indah
    Category: Cat - Gender: Unisex

    My girl cat is called INDAH, its sweet and pretty in-d-ah!
    Submitted by: Sashi at 26.09.2007

  • Issabella
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    Because its short and simple and very cute:)
    Submitted by: Izzie at 19.10.2007

  • Jasmayne
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    It's another spelling of Jasmine, but so much prettier.You don't say it Jaz-MIN, like you say the plain spelling, you say it Jaz-MAYN. So sophisticated and exotic!
    Submitted by: Cute-cat at 11.07.2007

  • Jayden
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    It is just a beautiful name for small dogs!
    Submitted by: Anomous at 23.11.2007

  • Jensina
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Now Jensina is a good names as well and has always been a favorite of others. I'm SO sure that you will LOVE it.
    Submitted by: NutMeag at 28.10.2007

    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    Submitted by: DANI at 04.09.2007

  • Lebra
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Because she look like Lepords and zebra with strips and dots..
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 27.07.2007

  • Lena
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    It means enticing lady in latin.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 14.07.2007

  • Luna
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Its cute and it fits her because she is a black persian with big copper eyes that glow up a room!
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 17.08.2007

  • Luna
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    It's a realy beautiful name it sounds powerful ... I dont know why. i just love that name.
    Submitted by: catlover at 26.08.2007

  • Mei Rose
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    Beautiful, with a hint of China.
    Submitted by: elizabeth at 10.08.2008

  • Mistey
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    I think it is beautiful.
    Submitted by: pop at 09.06.2007

  • Mitzi
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    i like this name and my cat's called that that's why i put it as my nickname.
    Submitted by: Mitzi at 29.07.2007

  • Muffy
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    My dogs name is Muffy and she is a little black poodle. If you want a dog name with a lot of personality Muffy is a beautiful name.
    Submitted by: Braidy at 05.06.2007

  • Naava
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    REALLY cute name because it means beautiful girl! A good name for any animal! Not to mention it rolls off the tongue ;)
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 11.06.2007

  • Nayla
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Nayla is strong, determined and smart, she knows she is the boss, she loves everyone. but she knows the difference.
    Submitted by: queen of the jungle at 08.06.2008

  • Neko
    Category: Cat - Gender: Unisex

    Neko is the Japanese word for the domestic cat.
    Submitted by: mlbrindisi at 17.04.2007

    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Submitted by: ASH at 27.07.2007

  • Nooshka
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I read this name somewhere on the internet but I dont know where and I really liked it. It must be unusual because I cant seem to find it on any site or the meaning of it which I would love to know.
    Submitted by: Anjiangel at 07.09.2008

  • Paisley
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    i dont know why.
    Submitted by: idk at 15.07.2007

  • Pearly
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    well the name is named after me so i thought that the name would be a beautiful name for a beautiful. The origin is northeren ireland.
    Submitted by: pearly at 16.05.2007

  • Petty
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    It sounds like Pretty
    Submitted by: Dways Ways with Dwayne at 23.09.2007

  • Pixie
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    For girl dogs, is very cute and pretty.
    Submitted by: kati at 11.09.2007

  • Precious
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    I like it because its for the most beautiful cat or dog.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 04.09.2007

  • Princess-caramel
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    I recomend this name coz if you have a cat that is the colour of caremel that is the perfect name
    Submitted by: angel_nicole365 at 02.05.2007

  • Redwood Pine
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    I have the computer game Petz 4, and I got a Labrador on it, and this is what I called him. It is just so gorgeous!
    Submitted by: Dog-lover at 12.07.2007

  • Reio
    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    Submitted by: Sexi Mama at 23.09.2007

  • Retard
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    It is my favorite name ever because I think that it is nice.
    Submitted by: re-re at 17.10.2007

  • Rhiannon
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    I love it, it's a gorgeous name for a little cat...T ry it out!
    Submitted by: Cute-cat at 05.08.2007

  • Robin
    Category: Pet - Gender: Unisex

    It is cute and I like it . It can be on boys and girls name
    Submitted by: Kiki at 26.09.2007

  • Rose
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    A flower
    Submitted by: Catareena at 27.10.2007

  • Safritta
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    It's good for a black and white husky with this colour of eyes! I love this name!
    Submitted by: EliDragonFire at 30.05.2008

  • Salvadora Dali
    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    Salvador Dali is my favorite artist of all time. I tweaked his name to a female form and named my beagle after him. Just like his paintings, time took on a new dimension when I spent time with my Dali girl!
    Submitted by: secret garden at 25.11.2007

  • Shooter
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Because it is such a terrific name
    Submitted by: Shooter at 03.10.2007

  • Siânde
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    I choose this name after trying to choose a unique but beautiful name for my 9wk old kitten, its unsual but very pretty and ideal for my lil kitty. I used to adore Chandi, a beautiful white siberian tiger at Longleat Safari Park, UK, who had beautiful eyes as does my Siânde
    Submitted by: Red at 03.06.2007

  • Sky
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Short and nice.
    Submitted by: jessie at 16.04.2007

  • Tabasco
    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    because its hot.....
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 17.04.2007

  • Tinsel
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Tinsel is a lovely name for a female tortoiseshell cat,it shows that pets are for life and not just for christmas!!!
    Submitted by: missie at 03.10.2007

  • Toby
    Category: Pet - Gender: Unisex

    I think it is a nice name that most people do not use very often
    Submitted by: Toby-my rabbits name!! at 14.08.2007

  • Willow
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    A willow is soft, and gentle in the breeze.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 16.05.2007

    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Submitted by: bROOKIE at 04.07.2007

  • Winter
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    If you love the color of snow or you like winter time or if you just like snow then you should name your puppy or dog this name would be perfect.I might name my dog this once i get it! Plus my friend's dog's name is snow or snowy.
    Submitted by: lil'mama at 30.06.2007

  • Zahara
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    It is of Arabic and Hebrew origin, and its meaning is flowering, shining.
    Submitted by: banka at 01.06.2007

  • Zoi
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    My family thinks its beautiful, and so do I.
    Submitted by: Sagey at 13.07.2007

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