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Best names for horses and ponies.

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   12 Horse and Pony names:

  • Angel
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    This is what my horse is named! Plus it fits for an angel.
    Submitted by: Morg333 at 03.10.2009

  • Cisco
    Category: Pet - Gender: Male

    I just think it's a gorgeous and an adorable name.
    Submitted by: Kaleyyyyyyyyyyyyy at 22.04.2010

  • Doxology
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Doxology was the name of Samuel's horse in East of Eden.
    Submitted by: SJ at 11.19.2011

  • Echizen
    Category: Pet - Gender: Male

    This is the last name of Ryoma Echizen in the anime Prince of Tennis. I think it seems very fitting for maybe a cat or horse
    Submitted by: KikumaruNYA! at 08.22.2012

  • Fritz
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    My bff's horses name is Fritz and its cute.
    Submitted by: Frittzle at 13.11.2009

  • Lynzee & Raisin
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    Lynzee was named after a friend (Lynne Z.), and Raisin is the color of a raisin, dark brown/black.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 07.02.2010

  • Nickers
    Category: Pet - Gender: Unisex

    I read a book with the horses name Nickers, and i've loved it ever since! A very loyal horse!
    Submitted by: horselover at 11.13.2010

  • Prancer
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Do you have a horse that likes to lift his/her legs hight then this is the perfect name for your horse or pony.
    Submitted by: marley05 at 04.02.2010

  • Salt & Pepper
    Category: Pet - Gender: Unisex

    They are very cool names of some very cool horses!
    Submitted by: BF at 02.03.2010

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  • Soliss
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    Means comfort for a troubled soul, my mare is my comfort and my best friend
    Submitted by: maz at 05.01.2011

  • Tia-maria
    Category: Pet - Gender: Female

    Lovely name for a dark/brown or black horse, like the drink. My horse is called tia for short.
    Submitted by: totta1991 at 09.06.2009

  • Wild Bologna Pony
    Category: Pet - Gender: Male

    My horse is big a very big horse and thing if you know what i mean.
    Submitted by: Shlong Ding Dong at 09.05.2011

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