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  • Boo Radley
    Category: Pet - Gender: Male

    After the weirdo albino reclusive guy who kills a man with brute strength in "to kill a mockingbird". Our bunny is albino and has creepy retard legs and a weird mouth.
    Submitted by: carrie at 14.01.2008

  • Boo Radley
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    A good southern name from a classic american novel. A heroic name of small proportion as the character in the story is. Perfect for basset hounds.
    Submitted by: sara rae at 01.03.2008

  • Darcy
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    From Pride and Prejudice, one of the best novels ever written. Mr. Darcy is every woman's Mr. Right.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 19.09.2007

  • Dashiell
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Named after famous gumshoe detective novelist, Dashiell Hammet, masculine sounding, can be shorted to Dash.
    Submitted by: Dash at 19.08.2007

  • Echo
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    It's the name of a nymph in a Greek myth. At the end of the story, the gods make her disappear and leave only her voice behind. I called one of my kittens this because she was (and is) a tiny cat with a huge meow.
    Submitted by: flashdark at 29.12.2007

  • Edgar Allen Paw
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    This was my cat\'s name. God rest his soul, he died in a house fire. Still, a great name for any of you literary people out there.
    Submitted by: Sydni at 22.09.2007

  • Edward Cullen
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    b/c edward cullen culls
    Submitted by: ib at 24.03.2009

  • Gulliver
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Well, our Lab travels. So did Gulliver, of Swift's Gulliver's Travels. It's still unusual, and people always ask, "Does he travel?" so they quickly get the allusion. We like it so much that we've named our oceanfront home, Gulliver's Landing!
    Submitted by: ettaspets at 31.05.2008

  • Hairy Potter
    Category: Cat - Gender: Unisex

    Our "Potter" was a wonderful and loving large male cat who left us way to early.
    Submitted by: JED at 20.06.2009

  • Huxley
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Named after the author, Alduous Huxley.
    Submitted by: Hux at 29.07.2008

  • Jas-purr
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    Jasper from the Twilight Series
    Submitted by: Lotti at 09.21.2011

  • Katniss
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Katniss Everdeen is the main character of Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games trilogy. Her name comes from an edible plant called katniss. I loved these books!
    Submitted by: Karen at 02.14.2012

  • Kunta Kitty
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    Our cat roams free much like the dream of Kunta Kinte (Toby)
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 12.03.2008

  • Lance
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Its short form for Sir Lancealot. I think lance is a really cute name my friend just got a puggle and thats what she called it and he is so cute.
    Submitted by: chela at 26.12.2007

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  • Nellie
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I got this name from the book Charlotte's Web. This is what the littlest spider who was Charlotte's daughter decided to be her name. It's simple and sweet!
    Submitted by: Nell, Bella, Nell Bell, Ellie at 02.05.2008

  • Nelly Mollamacahy
    Category: Cat - Gender: Male

    Got this name from a Poem in Highschool my cat suited it. We called him Nelly for short.
    Submitted by: Nelly at 17.02.2009

  • Orwell
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    If you have alot of pets. Our yellow lab name is Orwell. The naem is from Animal Farm written by George Orwell.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 14.02.2008

  • Poet
    Category: Dog - Gender: Unisex

    Because poets write poems which are sometimes called music.
    Submitted by: Team Museik at 29.06.2008

  • Pre
    Category: Dog - Gender: Male

    Named after the famous American middle distance runner of the 1970s Steve Prefontaine.I might add the name fits him perfectly-he is very athletic looking and can run all day.
    Submitted by: Joe at 19.02.2008

  • Robert
    Category: Cat - Gender: Unisex

    hi. nice blog . thanks.
    Submitted by: Unknown at 23.09.2007

  • Salamanca
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    Salamanca (Sall). From "Walk Two Moons" the cutest name ever! Very originall!
    Submitted by: lalalalala at 07.11.2007

  • Scout
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    The inquisitive tom-boy character/narrator from To Kill a Mockingbird. Good for an adventurous pet.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 19.03.2009

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