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16 visitor submitted Book Character names:

  • Aladin
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    I recommend to the open-eyed and clever dog
    Submitted by: Marcsi at 10.10.2007

  • Argus
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    This is from The Odyssey. It is the name of Odysseus' dog who loyally waits 20 years for him to come home and is the only one to recognize him when he gets there.
    Submitted by: Gus at 18.07.2007

  • Arthur
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    He is a king
    Submitted by: Marcsi at 10.10.2007

  • Dante
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    It is a perfect name for a strong male cat.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 22.09.2007

  • Falkor
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    The luck dragon from The Neverending Story.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 23.08.2007

  • Friday
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    If your dog follow you everywhere , this name is right
    Submitted by: Mary at 10.10.2007

  • Hook
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    Captain Hook after
    Submitted by: Marcsi at 10.10.2007

  • Legolas
    Category/Gender: Male Pet names

    Its perfect for a green & yellow parakeet! Legolas is an eif of mirkwood from J.R.R.Tolkiens The lord of the rings.
    Submitted by: Dakota fitzwater at 11.07.2007

  • Luna ( Loony )
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    This names from 5th Harry Potter book. Works well if the dogs a little dumb! (Luna Lovegood's really CRAZY)
    Submitted by: Da_Doggy17 at 10.07.2007

  • Necile
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    I think this is a very pretty name for a girl dog. I got it form the book The Life And Times of Santa Clause by Frank L. Baum
    Submitted by: unicornfan2002 at 28.07.2007

  • Oliver
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    My lovely persian cat has this name.
    Submitted by: nandia05 at 23.08.2007

  • Potter
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    I like Henry Potter
    Submitted by: Marcsi at 10.10.2007

  • Robin Hood
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    If your dog like a hunting, this name is right
    Submitted by: Marcsi at 10.10.2007

  • Robinson
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    If your dog like the solitude or don\'t like the swimming
    Submitted by: Marcsi at 10.10.2007

  • SAM I AM
    Category/Gender: Male Pet names

    I named my mouse Sam, and eventually I began calling him Sam I Am after the Dr. Seuss Character in his book. He was the cutest mouse, ever. Absolutely loved people!
    Submitted by: Ellen J. at 27.10.2007

  • Shelob
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    This is the name of a character of the book Lord of the Rings. I don't know why,i just liked it.
    Submitted by: Elizabeth swann at 29.07.2007

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