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Long Hair Cat Names, Long Hair Kitten Names

Choosing the perfect name for your long hair cat or white kitten

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A domestic longhaired cat is the proper name for any cat with medium or long fur, if it is not a pedigreed member of a recognised breed. They make excellent family pets for people who are prepared to give their coat the extra care it needs.
A longhaired cat is not able to maintain its own coat - they must be groomed for at least half an hour per day, and preferably bathed every week or two.

You can find wide selection of names for long-hair cats on this page.

65 names for long-hair cats and kittens

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Alf   Furball
Alfie  Fuzz
Ape  Fuzzball
Aslan  Fuzzy

Clean  Hairball
Coon  Hairpiece
Coiffures  Harry
Cowlick  Hippy
Doo  Kerrigan
Downy  Kudzu
Drapes  Locks
Duck  Mop
Extra  Neanderthal
Fabio  Rapunzel
Feathers  Ringo
Fifth Beatle  Rug
Fluff  Samson
Fluffers  Shag
Fluffy  Shaggy
Frizzy  Tarzan
Fuzzybutt Toupee
Goldilocks Tresses
Goose Vines
Gorilla Weeds
Greystoke Wig
Hair XL

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