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Italian Dog Names, Italian Puppy Names

Choosing the perfect name for your Italian dog or puppy

  Italian Dog Names

If you're looking for Italian names, you've come to the right place. Many italian dog breeds are known all over the world. The most popular one for sure is the Neopolitan Mastiff, Italian Greyhound, Spinone Italian, Italian Greyhound, the Italian Pointing Dog, Italian Segugio, and the Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog.

You can find an unique Italian dog names with meanings from our list.


368 Italian dog, puppy names:

ABERTO - (noble)    Male   GIANNI  Male
ABRAMO - (father of many)  Male  GILBERTO - (pledge)  Male
ADALGISA - ("noble pledge" or "noble hostage.")  Female  GINATA - flower  Female
ADOLFO  - wolf  Male  GINO - Italian form of Louis (famous)  Male
ADREANA - dark   Female  GIORGIO - Italian form of George (farmer)  Male
ADRIANA - dark   Female 

ADRIANO - from the Adriatic  Male 
AGATA - kind  Female 
AGNELLA - pure  Female 
AGNESE - pure  Female 
AGNOLA, AGNOLLA, AGNOLLE - "Angel."  Female 
AGOSTINO - respectable  Female 
AIDA - happy  Female 
ALBINIA - white  Female 
ALDO - rich  Male 
ALESSANDRA - defender of man  Female 
ALESSANDRO - Italian form of Alexander (defender of man)  Male 
ALETTA - winged  Female 
ALFREDO - Italian form of Alfred (counselor of the elves)  Male 
ALLEGRA - "Joyful." Variants include Alegra, Legra, Leggra.  Female 
ALONZA - ready for battle  Female  GIOVANNA - feminine form of Giovanni (gift from God)  Female
AMADEO - loved God  Male  GIOVANNI - gift from God  Male
AMALEA, AMALIA - hard-working  Female  GIULIA - Italian form of Julia (youthful)  Female
AMBROSI - Italian form of Ambrose (immortal)  Male  GIULIANO - youthful  Male
ANASTAGIO - divine  Male  GIULIO - youthful  Male
ANDREA - Italian form of Andrew (manly)  Male  GIUSEPPE - He shall add  Male
ANDREANA - feminine form of Andrea (manly)  Female  GRATIA - grace  Female
ANDRIA - love  Female  GRAZIA - grace  Female
ANGELA - angel  Female  GREGORIO - Italian form of Gregory (watchful)  Male
ANGELIA, ANGELA - angel  Female  GUALTIERO - Italian form of Walter (strong warrior)  Male
ANGELO - angel  Male  GUGLIELMO - resolute protector  Male
ANITA - grace  Female  GUIDITTA - Italian form of Judith (praised)  Female
ANNUZIATA - named for the Annunciation  Female  Guido  - forest guide  Male
ANTONIETTA, ANTONIA - priceless  Female  GUILLELMINA - feminine form of William (resolute protector)  Female
ANTONIO - Italian form of Anthony (beyond praise)  Male  GULIELMA - feminine form of William (resolute protector)  Female
ARABELLA - lovely altar  Female  IGNACIO - fiery  Male
ARIA - melody  Female  IGNAZIO - fiery  Male
ARMANNO - soldier  Male  ILARI - cheerful  Male
ARNALDO - Italian form of Arnold (eagle)  Male  ILARIO - cheerful  Female
ARRIGO, AROGHETTO, ALRIGO - rules the estate  Male  INIGA - fiery  Female
ARTURO - bear  Male  INNOCENZIO - innocent  Male
BALBINA - stammers  Female  ISABELLA - Italian from of Isabel (consecrated to God)  Female
BALDASSARE - Italian form of Balthasar (protected by God)  Male  ITALIA - Italy  Female
BALDASSARIO - Italian form of Balthasar (protected by God)  Male  KAJETAN - from Gaete  Male
BAMBI - child  Female  LANZA - noble  Male
BAPTISTE - named for John the Baptist  Female  LEO - lion  Male
BATTISTA - named for John the Baptist  Female  LEOLA - lion  Female
BAUTISTA - named for John the Baptist  Female  LEONARDO, LEONE - bold lion  Male
BEATRICE - blesses  Female  LEONORA - light  Female
BEATRICIA - blesses  Female  LETIZIA - glad  Female
BELINDA - serpentine  Female  LILIANA - lily  Female
BELLADONNA - beautiful woman  Female  LIONA - lioness  Female
BELLANCE - white  Female  LORENZ - laurel  Male
BENEDETTA - blessed  Female  LORENZO - laurel  Male
BENIAMINO - Italian form of Benjamin (son of the right hand)  Male  LUCAN - light  Male
BENIGNA - benign  Female  LUCCA - light  Male
BERNARDO - brave as a bear  Male  LUCIA - graceful light  Female
BERTRANDO - Italian form of Bertrand (brilliant raven)  Male  LUCIANNA - graceful light  Female
BIAIARDO - reddish-brown hair  Male  LUCIANO - light  Male
BIANCA - white  Female  Lucio  - brings light  Male
BLANKA - white  Female  LUCIO - light  Male
BRANDO - Italian form of Bertrand (brilliant raven)  Male  LUCREZIA - benefit  Female
BRUNA - dark-haired  Female  LUIGI - famous warrior  Male
BRUNETTA - dark-haired  Female  LUISA - Italian form of Louise (renowned warrior)  Female
BRUNO - brown-haired  Male  LUNETTA - little moon  Female
CADENZA - rhythmic  Female  MACÈO - God's gift  Male
CALVINO - bald  Male  MARA - bitter  Female
CAMEO - sculptured jewel  Female  MARCELLO - warring  Male
CAMILIA - attendant  Female  MARCO - warring  Male
CAMMEO - sculptured jewel  Female  MAREA - bitter  Female
CAPRICE - fanciful  Female  MARGHERITA - bitter  Female
CARA - beloved  Female  MARIA - bitter  Female
CARINA - beloved  Female  Mariabella  - beautiful Mary  Female
CARLINO - manly  Male  MARIETTA - bitter  Female
CARLO - manly  Male  MARIO - bitter  Male
CARLOTTA - Italian form of Charlotte  Female  MASSIMA - great  Female
CARMELA - garden  Female  MATTEO - gift of God  Male
CARMELINA - garden  Female  MAURA - dark skin  Female
CARMELITA - garden  Female  MAURIZIA - bitter  Female
CAROLINA - feminine form of Carlo  Female  MAURIZIO - Italian form of Maurice (dark-haired)  Male
Cascata  - waterfall  Female  MERCEDE - merciful  Female
CASEAREO - long-haired  Male  MICHEL - Italian form of Michael (God-like)  Male
CATARINA - pure  Female  MICHELANGELO - who is like God, angel  Male
CATARINE - pure  Female  MICHELE - Italian form of Michael (God-like)  Male
CATERINA - pure  Female  MONA - peaceful, lady  Female
CEASARIO - long-haired  Male  NATALA - born at Christmas  Female
CECILIO - blind  Male  NICIA - people's victory  Female
CERELIA - fertile  Female  NICOLA - form of Nicholas  Female
CESARE - long-haired  Male  OCTAVIA - born eighth  Female
CIRA - sun  Female  OLYMPIA - from Olympus  Female
CLARICE - clear  Female  ORIA, ORIANA - golden  Female
CLARISS - clear  Female  ORLANDO - heroic  Male
CLARISSA - clear  Female  OTTAVIA - born eighth  Female
CLAUDINA - feminine form of Claude (lame)  Female  Pancrazio  - rules all  Male
CLORINDA - meaning unknown  Female  PAOLA - little, small  Female
COLUMBINE - dove  Female  PAOLO - Italian form of Paul (little)  Male
CONCETTA - from the Immaculate Conception  Female  PASCAL - born on Passover  Male
CONSOLATA - consolation  Female  PASCUAL - born on Passover  Male
CONSTANSIE - constant  Female  PASQUALE - born on Passover  Male
CONSTANTIA - constant  Female  PATRIZIA - noble  Female
CONSTANTIN - firm  Male  PATRIZIO - noble  Male
CONSTANTINA - constant  Female  PEPPINO - Italian form of Joseph (He adds)  Male
CONSTANZIE - constant  Female  PIA - pious  Female
CORRADEO - bold, sage counselor  Male  PIERO, PIETRO - Italian form of Peter (rock)  Male
CORRADO - bold, sage counselor  Male  PIETRA - rock  Female
CRISTOFORO - Italian form of Christopher (Christ-bearer)  Male  PIO - pious  Male
DANIELE - Italian form of Daniel (God is my judge)  Male  PIPPA - lover of horses  Female
DANTE - lasting  Male  PIPPINO - Italian form of Joseph (He adds)  Male
DAVIDE - Italian form of David (beloved)  Male  PRIMO - first born  Male
DELANNA - soft as wool  Female  RACHELE - lamb  Female
DONA - lady  Female  RAFAELE - God has healed  Male
DONATA - gift  Female  RAFAELLO - God has healed  Male
DONATELLA - gift  Female  RAIMONDO - Italian form of Raymond (mighty protector)  Male
DONATELLO - gift  Male  RAPHAEL - God has healed  Male
DONATO - gift  Male  REGINA - queen  Female
DONNA - lady  Female  RENATA - rebirth  Female
EDITA - wealthy  Female  RENZO - laurel  Male
EDITTA - wealthy  Female  RICADONNA - ruling lady  Female
EDMONDO - Italian form of Edmund (prosperous)  Male  RICARDA - ruling lady  Female
EDOARDO - Italian form of Edward (rich guardian)  Male  RICARDO - firm ruler  Male
EDUARDO - Italian form of Edward (rich guardian)  Male  RICCARDO - firm ruler  Male
EGIDIO - squire  Male  RICCIARDO - firm ruler  Male
EGIODEO - squire  Male  RINALDO - wise power  Male
ELDA - warrior  Female  ROBERTO - wide fame  Male
ELEANORA - light  Female  ROCCO - rest  Male
ELENA - light  Female  ROMA - from Rome  Female
ELENE - light  Female  ROMANO - from Rome  Male
ELENORA - light  Female  ROMEO - Roman pilgrim  Male
ELENORE - light  Female  ROMIA - from Rome  Female
ELISABETTA - Italian form of Elizabeth (consecrated to God)  Female  ROSA - rose  Female
ELIZABETTA - Italian form of Elizabeth (consecrated to God)  Female  ROSALIA - rose  Female
ELMO - worthy to be loved  Male  ROSALIE - rose  Female
EMILIA - Italian form of Emily (industrious)  Female  ROSETTA - little rose  Female
EMMANUELE - Italian form of Emmanuel (God is with us)  Male  ROZALIA - rose  Female
ENEA - born ninth  Male  RUFINA - red-haired  Female
ENRICHETTA - ruler  Female  RUGGERIO - warrior  Male
ENRICO - Italian form of Henry (rules the home)  Male  RUGGERO - Italian form of Roger (famous spear)  Male
ENZO - Italian form of Henry (rules the home)  Male  SABRINA - from the border  Female
ERMANNO - Italian form of Herman (warrior)  Male  SALVATORE - savior  Male
ERNESTO - serious  Male  SALVATORIO - savior  Male
ESTA - from the east  Female  SANCIA - holy  Female
ESTE - from the east  Male  SANDRO - form of Alexander  Male
ETTORE - loyal  Male  SANTO - sacred, saint  Male
EUGENIO - noble  Male  SEBASTIANA - feminine form of Sebastiano (revered)  Female
EVELINA - Italian form of Evelyn (light, gives life)  Female  SEBASTIANO - Italian form of Sebastian (revered)  Male
FABIA - feminine form of Fabio (bean farmer)  Male  SEBASTIENE - feminine form of Sebastiano (revered)  Female
FABIANA - feminine form of Fabio (bean farmer)  Female  SERAFINA - from the seraph  Female
FABIANO - bean grower  Male  SERENA - serene  Female
FABIO - bean grower  Male  SERGIO - attendant  Male
Fabiola  - grows beans  Female  SIDONIA - Sidonia  Female
FABRIZIO - craftsman  Male  SILVIO - silver  Male
FABRONI - blacksmith  Male  SIMONA - Italian form of Simone (one who hears)  Female
FAUST - lucky  Male  SOFIA  - form of Sophia  Female
FAUSTA - lucky  Female  SPERANZA - hope  Female
FAUSTO - lucky  Male  STANSIE - constant  Female
FEDERICO - Italian form of Frederick (peaceful ruler)  Male  STEFANO - Italian form of Stephen (crowned with laurels)  Male
FELICIO - lucky  Male  TADDEO - courageous  Male
FERDINANDO - Italian form of Ferdinand (adventurer)  Male  TEODORA - gift from God  Female
FICO - fig  Male  TERESA - harvester  Female
FIDELIO - fidelity, faithful  Male  TERZA - born third  Female
FILIPPIO - Italian form of Philip (loves horses)  Male  TESSA  - countess  Female
FILIPPO - Italian form of Philip (loves horses)  Male  TIBERIA - from the Tiber  Female
FILOMENA - loves mankind  Female  TIBERIO - from the Tiber  Male
FIORELLO - little flower  Male  Tino  - small  Male
FIORENZA - flower  Female  TITO - giant  Male
FLAVIA - blond  Female  TOMMASO - Italian form of Thomas (twin)  Male
FLAVIO - blond  Male  TRAVIATA - astray  Female
FORTUNA - lucky  Female  TRILBY - sings with trills  Female
FRANCESCA - Italian form of Frances (free)  Female  TRILLARE - sings with trills  Female
FRANCESCO - free  Male  TRISTA - sad  Female
FULVIA - blond  Female  UGO - intelligent, bright  Male
GABRIELE - Italian form of Gabriel (God-given strength)  Male  VALENTINA - brave  Female
GABRIELLA - feminine form of Gabriele (God-given strength)  Female  VALENTINO - brave, strong  Male
GAETANA - from Gaete  Female  VALERIO - brave, strong  Male
GAETANE - from Gaete  Female  VARANESE:  Female
GAETANO - from Gaete  Male  VEDETTA - guardian  Male
GALTERIO - Italian form of Walter (strong warrior)  Male  VEDETTE - guardian  Female
GALTERO - Italian form of Walter (strong warrior)  Male  VERDI - green  Male
GELTRUDA - meaning unknown  Female  VINCENZIO - victor   Male
GEMMA - jewel  Female  VIOLA - form of Violet  Female
GENEVRA - Italian form of Genevieve (white wave)  Female  VIOLET - flower  Female
GEORGIO - Italian form of George (farmer)  Male  VIOLETTA - flower  Female
GERARDO - spear hard  Male  VIRGINIA - pure  Female
GEREMIA - Italian form of Jerome (sacred)  Male  VITO - victor   Male
GERODI - hero   Male VITTORIO - conquerer  Male
GERONIMO - (sacred)  Male VITTORIO - victor   Male
GHITA - pearl  Female VIVIANA - full of life  Female
GIACOMO - supplanter  Male VOLANTE - flying  Female
GIAN - (God is gracious)  Male YSABEL - Italian form of Isabel (consecrated to God)   Female
GIANCARLO - gracious gift of God, powerful  Male YSABELLE - Italian form of Isabel (consecrated to God)   Female
GIANNA, GIANINA - God is gracious  Female ZANEBONO - good one  Male

Italian Dog Names

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