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The most popular hunting dogs are the Basset Hound, Beagle, Brittany Spaniel, English Cocker Spaniel, English Foxhound, German Hunt Terrier, Longhaired Pointer, Shorthaired Pointer, Irish Red and White Setter, Labrador Retriever, Spinone Italiano, Treeing Walker Coonhound, Vizsla, Weimaraner, Welsh Corgi, Sheepdog or Terrier.

If you look for hunting dog names, you can choose from 188 dog names. We collected lots of perfect dog name for your hunting dog.


188 hunting dog and puppy names:
Akita - Great hunter Lead
Aktaion - Famous hunter Lindy
Algon - He was a great hunter in American Indian Myths and Legends Loki - black female hunting dog name
Allan Quatermain - From the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Lord Vadrales - Famous hunter from Tarzan
Anhur - The Egyptian warrior and hunter god Mabon son of Modron - "young man" son of "mother goddess" was a hunter-god in Celtic mythology
Aragorn - King from the Lord of the Rings

Arduinna - Arduinna is the Gaulish huntress Goddess
Artemis - She is the goddess of the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals, and fertility.
Atalanta - She was a famous huntress of Arcadia In Greek mythology
Benelli - Like a firearm brand (duck hunt)
Big Will - Stories from Walker Valley
Bramble - Perfect name for English Springer Spaniel
Briar Magnum - Big gun
Briggadiere Maize
Broteas Mitch
Browning - Brand of firearm Moose
Buck - From Jack London's book Call of the Wild Nimrod - Biblical origin. Nimrod "the mighty hunter" in Genesis.
Buckley Nosferatu
Buckshot Old Shatterhand - One of the most well-known hunter from Winnetou
Buffalo Bill - Another famous hunter Orion - From the Greek mythology: Orion was a mighty hunter.
Buffy - The vampire slayer Pampalini - Famous cartoon hunter
Bullet Peeko
Buzz Pepper - Good name for black labs
Cabela - Perfect femal hunting dog name, after the hunting accessory catalog Percy - Persius possibly means "to penetrate the hedge" as reference to an effective hunter.
Camo Pistol
Cannibal Plotts
Cassie Poacher
Cernunnos - God of hunting Popper
Chamois - Good name for goldens and yellow labs Predator - From the movie
Champion - Name for the best hunter dogs Prince
Chasee Rahan - Famous cartoon hunter
Chet Rambo - from the movie
Cheyenne - American Indian tribe Rashid Jamsheed - Well known among the world's sheep hunters
Choc Raven
Clarissa Cork - Famous huntress (Wodehouse, P. G.) Recoil
Cody Reload - Good hunting dog name
Commander - Great leader name Remington - After a firearms manufacturer.
Cooter Remi - Short for Remington.
Cujo - From the book of Stephen King Rigel - Rigel is the blue star of the first magnitude that marks the hunter's left foot.
Cycnus - The son of Apollo. He was a handsome hunter Rigg's - from the movie Leathal Weapon
Cypress Ringo - Ideal name for coon hunting dog
Dakota - Perfect female hunting dog name Rocket
Deak Roe - May have originated as an occupational name for a hunter or trapper of deers.
Decoy Rosco
Diana - The goddess of the hunt Ruby
Diger Rue - Kanga Rue
Drake - After a male mallard duck Rugar - Brand of firearm
Drakeshead ayrton Ruger - After an old German gun.
Ducky Sabredog
Duke - Ideal name for hunting dogs Savage
Dutchtreat duke Scout
Elias Shiloh
Esau - was a skilled and adventurous hunter. Shot
Felix Shot-gun
Fighter Sid
Finch Sonny
Fionn - Famous warrior and hunter Sosondowah - Iroquois Indians of Eastern North America
Fontainebleau Spade
Fubu Sparkey
Gadge - Part of a gun Sport
Gauge - Important part of a gun Spothog
General Sree Muthappan - Popular local God in the Kannur district of north Kerala, south India.
General Lee - From Starsky and Hutch Stan - "Famous hunter" from southpark
Ghillie Dhu - type of knife Steve Irwin - Famous hunter
Gon - from Hunter × Hunter Sureshot
Greyhound Suzy
Grosvenor - "Great hunter." Szidon - Another hunter
Gun shot Tab - Tab Hunter was a teen idol in the 1950s.
Gunner Tasheena
Hawk Taz
Helena Wayne Teak
Herne - Legend in England Theron - "Hunter."
Hoori - Japanese mythology Todd - The name possibly refers to a fox hunter
How - howing, barking Todhunter - "Fox-hunter"
Hudson Tracker
Hunt - Perhaps originally a short form of Hunter or Huntington. Train
Hunter - simple and popular hunting dog name Training
Huntington - "Hunter's settlement." Trigger - After the part of weapon
Huntley - "Meadow of the hunter." ... Tripp
Jaeger - German hunter Tsul'kalu' - It is the Cherokee's name Tsulkalu which means "slant eyes".
Jager Tucker
Jagermeister Tuko
Jethro Van Hellsing - Vampire hunter
Jill Wade - Worn during some duckhunts. Good Retriever hunting dog name
Joe Wally
Kalman Kittenberger - Famous african hunter Widgeon
Kanati - Great hunter Wilder - "Hunter"
Kettu Winchester - Another firearms manufacturer
King Winchy - Short for Winchester
Koda Winston
Kona - chocolate male hunting dog name Wolf
Lady - Popular hunting dog name. Perfect for german dogs Zeus
Lady Hellsing - Vampire huntress Zonda 


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