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Healthy cats

Cat health problems, feline health information

Before you choose your kitten you should check the following things carefully, if you want to bring home a healthy pet:

· A cat's stomach should never be swollen; it can only be big and swollen directly after eating.
· A healthy kitten's fur is never ruffled; it must be thick and soft.
· A healthy kitten's nose should be warm and dry but it must not be hot.
· A healthy pet should not be visibly skinny to the naked eye.
· A kitten's eye should never be in tears and should not be full of mucus.
· An ill kitten is indifferent, apathetic, and has a lack of appetite.
· Healthy kittens are full of vitality; they play a lot and frisk about.
· It is a sign of diarrhoea if the area of the anus is jammed and tainted with faeces.
· The inner part of its ears should always be clean and its gum should be pink.
· White pedigree cats are often deaf. You can test their deafness if you call them or make noises behind their backs.

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