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Names and their meanings, List of Baby Girls Names

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Top 100 girls names and their meanings

Names Meaning Names Meaning
Aaliyah  high exalted, to ascend Katherine  pure
Abby  head of a monastery  Katie  pure
Abigail  a father's joy, head of a monastery  Kayla  crown of laurels 
Alexa  defender of mankind Kaylee  bright, beautiful 
Alexandra  defender of mankind Kendall  ruler of the valley 
Alexis  defender of mankind  


Alicia  the truthful one
Allison  light of the sun
Alyssa  rational, logical
Amanda  worthy of love, precious thing
Amber  the symbol of courage, precious gemstone
Amelia  work of the Lord, beloved, flatterer
Andrea courageous, feminine form of manly
Angelina  Little angel
Anna  grace, favour
Ariana  very holy one
Arianna very holy one
Ashley  ash tree
Ashlyn  Combination of Ashley and the popular name suffix lyn
Audrey  noble strength  Kendall  ruler of the valley 
Autumn  name of the season Kennedy  armoured head, misshapen head, helmeted chief
Ava  Variant of Eve Kimberly land belonging to Cyneburg, royal fortress
Avery  ruler of the elves Kylie  boomerang 
Bailey  bailiff Lauren  laurel leaves, fame, spirit, honour
Brianna  Feminine form of Brian,meaning high, noble, strong  Leah  weary
Brooke  one who lived near a brook, stream  Lillian  Derived from latin lilium meaning lily
Brooklyn  Combination of Brook and the popular name suffix lyn Lily  Derived from latin lilium meaning lily
Caroline  strong, melody, song Mackenzie  son of the wise leader
Charlotte  petite and feminine  Madeline  woman from Magdala, one who is elevated
Chloe  blooming  Madison  son of a mighty warrior, son of Maud 
Claire  bright, shining, clear  Makayla  Variant of Michaela
Danielle  my judge is the Lord Maria  bitter
Destiny  fate Marissa  of the sea 
Elizabeth  God's oath  Mary  bitter
Ella  beautiful fairy woman Maya  divine creative force in everything
Ellie  light, mercy, variant of Eleanor Megan  mighty, strong able, pearl
Emily  industrious, eager Melanie dressed in black, dark
Emma  whole, universal, all-embracing Melissa bee, honey
Erin  peace, western island Mia  mine
Evelyn lively, pleasant  Michelle like God
Faith  trust, faith Molly  bitter
Gabriella  God is my strength Morgan  white sea, bright, dweller by the sea 
Gabrielle  God is my strength Natalie  birthday, child born at Christmas
Gianna  god is gracious  Nicole  victorious people
Grace  grace, blessing  Olivia  kind one, olive tree, peace 
Gracie  grace, blessing  Paige  young attendant
Hailey  hero  Peyton  warrior's estate
Haley hero  Rachel  little lamb, an ewe, one with purity
Hannah  grace of God  Reagan  little king
Isabel  consecrated to God  Rebecca  bound, tied
Isabella  consecrated to God  Riley  valiant
Jada  wise Samantha  listens well
Jasmine  gift from God, flower Sarah  princess
Jayden  variant of jade, green gemstone  Savannah  from the open plain
Jenna  white spirit, white cheeked, white wave Shelby  sheltered town
Jennifer white spirit, white cheeked, white wave Sierra  saw-tooth mountain range
Jessica  God's grace Sophie  wisdom
Jocelyn happy, joyful  Stephanie crown
Jordan  descendant, flowing down  Sydney  from city of St. Denis
Julia  youthful, downy-haired, gentle, soft haired Taylor  Tailor
Kaitlyn  little darling Trinity  the holy three
Kate  from Katherine, pure Victoria  victory
Katelyn pure Zoe  life

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