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Choosing a cat breed - Cat breeds, different cat breeds, domestic cat breeds

Would you like to adopt a pedigree or an ordinary domestic cat?
Rare, registered pedigree cats are sold for hundred or thousands of dollars while you can put your hands on mixed cats for free. There can also be significant differences among the different varieties concerning intelligence. For instance, there can often be deaf cats among the white ones and there are the so-called over-bred silly varieties and those types that require special treatment. You are not recommended to keep such cats even if they are award winning and you can afford them. Although crossbreeds are wilder and harder to domesticate than pedigree cats, they are better to keep as hobby pets since they are tougher and more resistant to diseases.

And last but not least their character is more similar to real cats.

Would you rather have a long or a short hair cat?
Hair length of your cat is an important part of your decision. Although long fur cats may look nicer, they need more care and attention than their short fur counterparts. It is especially true for the period when they cast off their fur because you have to brush them every day and in the mean time once in 2 or three days.

Taking care of short hair cats is much easier in this respect because they can keep their hair tidy by cleaning themselves and taking care of their falling fur with their rugged tongues. It is also recommended to brush this variety every 4 or 5 days. It is important to make them get used to being brushed when they are kittens.

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