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Australian Dog Names, Australian Puppy Names

Choosing the perfect name for your Australian dog or puppy

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Your dog's breed might be of Australian origin - or there might be thousands other reasons why would like to choose a Australian name for your dog.

Famous Australian dog breeds are the Australian Cattle Dog, also known as the Queensland Heeler, Blue Heeler, and Red Heeler, is a herding dog developed in Australia for handling cattle. The Kelpie is also an Australian breed of sheep dog that has proven very successful at herding sheep in Australia and in the mountainous areas of New Zealand. We collected the perfect Australian dog names for your pet.

76 Australian dog, puppy names:
Agro - aggravated, angry Male Kiah - from the beautiful place Female
Arana - moon Female Kit - A pack with your belongings Male
Arvo - afternoon Male Lollies - Candy Female
Aussie, Ozzie - Australian Female Mackers - McDonald's Male
Barbie - barbecue Female Mate - Friend Male
Barrack - root for, cheer Female

Billabong - Watering hole Male
Billy - metal can to boil tea over a fire Male
Biscuits - cookies Male
Bitzer - mongrel dog Male
Bizzo - business Male
Bloke - Man Male
Blue - fight Male
Bluey - blue Cattle dog Male
Bonzer - great Male
Boomer - large male kangkaroo Male
Brizzie - Brisbane Male
Bundy - brand of rum Male
Chewie - chewing gum Male
Chook - Chicken Male Matilda - Sleeping bag or roll Female
Chookie - chocolate Male Middy - 285 ml. beer glass Female
Chrissie - Christmas Female Mozzie - Mosquito Female
Cooee - long way off Female Nasho - National Service Male
Corroboree - Aborginal dance festival Male Nong - Idiot Male
Dag - Amusingly uncoordinated Male Oz - Australia Female
Dag - funny person Female Pash - long, passionate kiss Male
Daks - Underpants Male Pom, Pommy - Englishman Male
Didgeridoo - Aboriginal wind instrument Male Postie - postman Male
Digger - Australian soldier Male Prezzies - Presents Male
Dilly bag - Small food bag or carry bag Male Ridgy-didge - genuine Male
Dinki-di - Something good from Australia Male Rollie - homemade cigarette Male
Dux - top of the class Male Roo - kangaroo Male
Fair dinkum - Someone or something genuine Male Sheila - woman Female
Fairy Floss - Cotton candy Male Shonky - questionable deal Male
Fred Nerk - Someone imaginary Male Sooky - soft, tame Male
Freo - Fremantle Male Squizz - look Male
Happy as Larry - Very happy Male Stickybeak - Nosy person Male
Hooroo - goodbye Male Stubby - beer bottle Male
Jackaroo - male station hand Male Swag - canvas bag for your belongings Male
Jarrah - eucalyptus tree Male Talia - near water Female
Jillaroo - female station hand Female Tucker - food Male
Joe Bloggs - Mr average citizen, John Doe Male Ute - utility vehicle, pickup truck Male
Joey - baby kangkaroo Female Vejjo - vegetarian Male
Jumbuck - sheep Male Woop Woop - long way from civilisation Male
Kero - kerosene Male Yobbo - redneck Male

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