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34 visitor submitted Anime names:

  • Akito
    Category/Gender: Unisex Cat names

    Fruitsbasket it can be a girls or a boys
    Submitted by: Raven at 30.09.2007

  • Arushi
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    I just like it, it sounds good for a dark brown dog with tan on him.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 11.09.2007

  • Ash
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    pikachu's trainer duh!
    Submitted by: shelby at 16.10.2007

    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    Atticus Rhodes, a character in the English dub of the Japanese anime Yu-Gi-Oh!
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 23.03.2007

  • Bakura
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    Bakura (Yami Bakura) is a good name for a white dog. (or even cat if you want!) Bakura is the name of the white haired, tomb robbing, rival of Pharaoh Atem (Yami). It is also good if your pet if it is very mischevious.
    Submitted by: Kura or Ryo at 21.05.2007

    Category/Gender: Female Pet names

    From the pokemon chatot.
    Submitted by: SHELBY at 20.06.2007

    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    It just sounds cool
    Submitted by: balalala at 21.03.2007

  • Gaara
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    Meaning "Love only himself" good for siamese cats, from the anime Naruto.
    Submitted by: BlackOrchid86 at 26.10.2007

  • Growlithe
    Category/Gender: Unisex Dog names

    Growlithe is one of the cutest pokemon.
    Submitted by: shelby at 16.10.2007

  • Haruhi
    Category/Gender: Unisex Pet names

    Haruhi from Haruhi suzamiya
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 04.09.2007

  • Hinata
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    This is one of the charactars from Naruto and is one of my favorite ones.
    Submitted by: webalthetime at 12.10.2007

  • Ichigo
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    Well it means warrior so its a good name for a pitbull.
    Submitted by: randa at 01.08.2007

  • Inu Yasha or Shippo
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    I like these names because Inu Yasha means dog spirit and Shippo means Tail. 0_o
    Submitted by: Shippo at 15.09.2007

  • Kai
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    It is a real cool name.
    Submitted by: jay at 06.11.2007

  • Kakashi
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    My fave copy nin from the anime Naruto
    Submitted by: Kakashigirl12 at 25.06.2007

  • Kiba
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    A character on Naruto, it means fang in japanese.
    Submitted by: Mossstripe at 08.07.2007

  • Kyo
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    This name was not on any lists!! The horror!! I have now rectified this oversight. Use for orange cats ^^
    Submitted by: Doomcat of Eternal Pwnage at 23.09.2007

  • Momo
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    It comes from that guy Momoshiro in the anime The Prince of Tennis,or if you wanted it as a female name for example Momo a female soulreaper from Bleach, that would work too.
    Submitted by: Cat eyes at 22.06.2007

  • Naruto
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    ITS a Naruto name.
    Submitted by: lelo408408 at 08.09.2007

  • Pickchew
    Category/Gender: Male Pet names

    Well I had a chinchilla and i named him pickchew like off of pokemon. pronounced: pick-a-chew
    Submitted by: whatcha at 20.07.2007

  • Pika
    Category/Gender: Unisex Dog names

    Pika - short for Pikatchu from Pokemon
    Submitted by: Dee Dee at 04.06.2007

  • Pokemon
    Category/Gender: Unisex Dog names

    It is the name of the old anime kid's show about those weird little animals called Pokemon.I don't know why I have posted it but it is quite nice though weird.
    Submitted by: Anime-Pup at 04.05.2007

  • Ragnarok
    Category/Gender: Male Pet names

    It means lightning or thunder. It also sounds cool.
    Submitted by: Shanic01 at 21.10.2007

  • Sakura
    Category/Gender: Female Cat names

    It means cherry blossem
    Submitted by: Shanic01 at 19.10.2007

  • Sasuke
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    Its an independent name. Just like a cat
    Submitted by: Shanic01 at 19.10.2007

  • Shigure
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    It was the name of the guy in Fruits Basket who turned into a dog when he was hugged by a member of the opposite gender.
    Submitted by: lovingGaara at 16.04.2007

  • Shikamaru
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    A lazy person from naruto.
    Submitted by: deathwish at 07.11.2007

  • Shoyroo
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    Submitted by: Doru at 13.10.2007

  • Sonic
    Category/Gender: Male Pet names

    Its from Sonic the Hedgehog, a kids anime. I guess if you had a fast animal you could name it sonic cuase he is super fast. It would be pretty funny if u named a turtle that!
    Submitted by: Cat eyes at 23.06.2007

  • SPOT
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    This name is so cool for a black cat.
    Submitted by: Kate at 22.03.2007

  • Torai
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    Torai means Crazy in Korean i really like it i adopted this name a couple of years ago for rp (Role Playing) my friends say it really suits me ^_^ i think it can go well for a dog.
    Submitted by: Torai at 07.11.2007

  • Tsunade
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    The Origin: The fifth Hokage in Naruto. She's strong and sometimes caring.
    Submitted by: Shanic01 at 21.10.2007

  • Yami
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    One of the main characters in Yu-gi-oh ,It means darkness in Japanese
    Submitted by: Mossstripe at 08.07.2007

  • Yuki
    Category/Gender: Unisex Cat names

    Fruits Basket character, it means snow in Japanese.
    Submitted by: mossstripe at 08.07.2007

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