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Precious names for your precious pet

Name for something loved, and considered to be great.

Name for something loved, and considered to be great.

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  • Angel
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    I've just got a puppy and she was already named Angel and it suits her so much. She very loving, soppy with my son but also playful and very well behaved. So to me she is a little Angel.
    Submitted by: tdc at 27.01.2010

  • Gem
    Category: Cat - Gender: Female

    The name Gem made me think of a beautiful cat, that is playful and fun to play with. Which is what my kitten acts like and it is a very pretty name.
    Submitted by: Someone at 26.05.2008

  • Rosemarie
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Because my favorite flower is rose and my name is Marie so I mixed them up and it's so PRECIOUS to me....
    Submitted by: Rosrieka at 11.19.2011

  • Ruby
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Because its a precious name for a dog its my lucky stone also!
    Submitted by: prern at 11.01.2010

  • Tehya
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    well Tehya is my very first dog, the name means precious. It is a peaceful and soothing name. I think it is the best name ever! She is a mix of golden lab, golden retriever, and mallemute.
    Submitted by: Brent at 04.04.2008

  • Zephyr
    Category: Dog - Gender: Female

    Precious stone and a red hot chilli peppers song.
    Submitted by: micky moo at 18.11.2009

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