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Music names, music related names for dogs, cats and pets

Choosing a music related name for your pet.

Music related names. Named your pet after a song or a name in a song, musical instrument, singer or popular music artists.



18 visitor submitted Music related names:

  • Axel
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    Its the name of the lead singer og Guns and Roses
    Submitted by: vICKY at 26.10.2007

  • Bouree
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    I play piano so I thought it was cute!
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 04.10.2007

  • Calliope
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    I think it is has a beautiful melodic quality for a dog name
    Submitted by: Marciedoo at 19.10.2007

  • Fender
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    I play guitar and I think Fender would be a good male cats name.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 23.08.2007

  • Fenix
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    My cat Fenix is gorgeous he is grey and dark grey with bullseyes all over his body! I actually named him after the band Fenix TX and now he is my kitty Fenix !
    Submitted by: nikki at 11.10.2007

  • FLoyd
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    well for pink floyd of course!!! it's a perfect name for most sophisticated kitten :)
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 17.09.2007

  • Helena
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    This is the best way i can describe how to prononce it (heh-lane-ah) (hu-lane-ah) i say it both ways I named her after the song called Helena by MCR because I love the song and name. I just loved it and others seem to like it too, even though they often mispronounce it.
    Submitted by: Anonymous at 26.08.2007

  • Ibanez
    Category/Gender: Female Pet names

    Sounds like an exotic name. Ibanez (pronounced "i-ban-ez") is a famous guitar brand.
    Submitted by: Lilly at 24.08.2007

  • Iggy
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    My cat is named Iggy, after Iggy Pop.
    Submitted by: Umbee at 02.12.2007

  • Ludwig Van Barkhoven & Wolfgang Amadeus Bark
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    My college music instructor had two beagles and named them after two composers. I think that both names are cute and clever.
    Submitted by: secret garden at 25.11.2007

  • Lyric
    Category/Gender: Female Cat names

    I love this name for my pet! I love music and i write lyrics so she is a part of me in away.
    Submitted by: kare bear at 21.09.2007

  • Maestro
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    I'm a musician with a Black Newfoundland with white chest. good name for any other black dog with white chest. Looks like a conductor's concert attire.
    Submitted by: Dani at 03.11.2007

  • Peavy
    Category/Gender: Male Cat names

    We needed a music name ... and Peavy was it.
    Submitted by: mr. peavy at 09.09.2007

  • Ringo
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    The drummer from the Beatles.
    Submitted by: VICKY at 26.10.2007

  • Rooney
    Category/Gender: Female Dog names

    I love the band rooney, when i found my dog he was "sh-sh-shakin" if you've ever heard of them...
    Submitted by: d at 05.08.2007

  • Steinway
    Category/Gender: Unisex Cat names

    For pianists, Steinway (pianos) connotes excellence and beauty. Because we have a Steinway grand, we named our gorgeous Abby/Tabby/Tortie mix Steinway--and she loves to sit under her namesake!
    Submitted by: Kitty Momma at 23.08.2007

  • Teenager
    Category/Gender: Unisex Cat names

    Submitted by: MCR at 29.09.2007

  • Zeppelin
    Category/Gender: Male Dog names

    I love the band and i got an english mastiff and he is an over-the-top dog and zeppelin is a classic!!
    Submitted by: MeGaN at 05.11.2007

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